Is It Okay To Take A Vacation While On Workers Compensation?

Yes! Yes you most certainly can. You have the right the live your best life and enjoy moments with family and friend. However, there are a couple things we think you should know.

Take a vacation can raise a red flag! Often times if you take a vacation right before or after an accident, it could raise some eyebrows that you were not actually injured. Furthermore, Insurers have been known to conduct surveillance on individuals that raise certain red flags and even film them. If evidence if found that you were participating in any activity that a medical professional suggested you avoid, you could have your workers' compensation taken away. Be very careful of what content you post online of your beautiful vacation.

It is highly recommended to speak to a medical professional before going away. Certain rehabilitation doctors may even provide rehab exercises you could do from the comfort of your own home. This way you can heal and enjoy ur vacation at the same time.

Before going away, why don't you give us a quick call at (718)897-2211. Why take the chance of having your workers' compensation being taken away, when you could speak to one of our brilliant personal injury lawyers for 10 minutes and have your concerns taken away?

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