The Rise of Women in Construction

The amount of women working jobs in construction has been steadily rising. The National Association of Women in Construction reports a steady increase over the past ten years. Because many employers recognize the need to diversify, construction companies understand the need for all types of employees. A documentary called “Hard Hatted Women” features women conquering gender barriers in the field. By making women aware of future job prospects, the construction business is growing.

Construction companies have had many benefits. On average, women earn 95.7 percent of what men in the same job make, however, women usually only make 82 percent of what men earn. Because of more women-focused groups, working in construction has become easier for women. Groups like Women Construction Owners & Executives USA and the National Association of Women in Construction help with mentorship, networking and marketing opportunities

. In a successful effort to help women find jobs in construction, some companies promote high school construction classes. By showing that work in the construction field is not just for boys, these classes encourage girls through hands-on projects on temporary sites.

More women are understanding the benefits of working construction. Because of its many opportunities for leadership, groups for women and opportunity to grow, the business of construction is now appealing for all types of people.

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