Bus crash inside of Lincoln Tunnel injures 30 people, seven seriously hurt

Two buses collided at the mouth of the Lincoln Tunnel today, Friday May 18th. More than 30 people suffered injuries, some of them serious, when two New Jersey Transit buses collided at the mouth of the Lincoln Tunnel in Midtown Manhattan on Friday, officials said.

Officials stated that the two buses were angling into the New Jersey-bound center tube when they struck each other at about 10 a.m.

The collision took place inside the tunnel but the buses were able to back out as first responders were arriving. Medics evaluated passengers from both buses at the scene, an FDNY spokesman noted.

Several people suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries. The remaining 25 suffered minor injuries. Some of the passengers were taken to Mount Sinai West Hospital for further care.

Investigators are still probing as to what caused the crash and will provide update after investigation concludes.

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