Personal Injury Lawyer In New York

What Will a Personal Injury Lawyer in New York Do?

When you hire a personal injury lawyer near me after an accident, you want to know exactly what he or she will do to help your case.


Many people think that hiring a personal injury lawyer in New York means that they will go to court. While some cases do go to court, the majority of cases are settled out of court to save you stress and the expense of a trial.


Due to the nature of the personal injury law field, the efforts done by your attorney may be sporadic and you may not hear from your personal injury lawyer near me on a regular basis. However, the lawyer won’t leave you in the dark about your case. There are different factors that determine the time it will take for you to get a settlement.


A personal injury lawyer in New York will do a lot of work initially, such as getting photographs, official reports, and witness statements about how the accident happened to be able to establish who was at fault. Lawyers will also begin assemble any medical records, reports, and bills to document each of your damages.


The next step will be to work on an offer from the insurance company involved. If the personal injury attorney isn’t able to get a fair settlement with the insurance company through a series of negotiations then he or she will demand arbitration or file a lawsuit. The defendants in the case will usually have 30 days from the time they are served to file a response to the lawsuit. After this, the procedure can include depositions of witnesses, experts, and other parties. Given the case, the discovery process can be time-consuming. However, your lawyer will instruct you at every step of the way in order to substantiate your claim. After discovery is completed, a trial date is requested and the process continues until the case is resolved.

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