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Lifting Injury Due To Work?

One of the most common work place injuries sustained is a lifting injury. It is generally the most prevalent in a variety of construction-related industries. On construction sites countless workers have to lift heavy objects. If not preformed correctly or without the proper safety equipment, the continuous stress of the motion can cause severe pain. If you have suffered an injury and are experiencing pain due to lifting at work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation.

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A lifting injury can have a significant affect on a person’s back, shoulders, arms, and knees. Heavy loads on construction sites may require special equipment or multiple people to carry. If these safety precautions are not met, and proper training is no provided, it can cause significant pain to a worker.

Common causes of lifting injuries:

Moving furniture

Stocking Items

Preparing loads for a forklift

Lifting heavy packages


Regardless of where you work, if you are experiencing pain due to lifting heavy loads at work, you may have the right to file for a workers’ compensation.

At Kalra Law Firm we will help you file a claim and speak to your employers, insurance companies, and any other third-party on your behalf. With over 20 years of experience, you can rest easy and sleep peacefully knowing that our experts are hard at work fighting for you. Additionally, we will always go the extra step and help you understand all the benefits you are entitled to, and protect your rights.

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