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Working with a Lawyer for Falls

If your case involves a fall from a ladder, whether it’s an A-frame ladder or a ladder that rests across a building, there are certain expectations and responsibilities. Not only is the employer responsible but usually the general contractor and the owners are as well. It is their responsibility to ensure that you are using the right ladder for your job and also determine if the ladder is used correctly, whether it was held by rubber feet in place or being held by someone else. There are many injuries that can be associated with a fall, including broken bones, herniated discs, head trauma, and death. Since the injuries can take away an individual’s ability to earn money, as well as create costly medical bills, it’s necessary to speak with a lawyer for ladder injuries.


Many times a worker can claim worker's compensation benefits for their injuries. In certain circumstances, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed with a lawyer for falls against the people or parties that are responsible for providing a safe place to work. There are many regulations and rules in New York that dictate proper ladder safety. For example, a rule sets forth specific guidelines on the dimensions of wooden ladder rungs, including proper spacing and diameter. Other laws relate to ladder safety. There is a law that protects certain workers who are hurt after falls and requires construction site owners to have proper protection for workers who are required to work using ladders.


Sometimes, a worker can get compensation with a lawyer for ladder injuries even if the ladder involved in the accident wasn’t defective. This can be because the ladder wasn’t supported or may have been the wrong device altogether. For example, when workers are performing overhead work with their hands, it’s not appropriate to use a ladder of any kind. With so many different rules and regulations, it’s important to work with a great lawyer for ladder injuries to make sure you get the right compensation.

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