Lawyer For Crane Accident

Questions You Should Ask Your Crane Accident Lawyer

A lawyer for crane accident cases may provide a free and short consultation to determine if he or she is able to take you on as a client. Before you come to speak with a prospective crane accident lawyer, you should have as much information and facts about the accident and all the financial losses and injuries you experienced. You should also bring in your employment paperwork and contract, along with documentation of your injuries, medical records, and records of days you missed from work. This can help the lawyer for crane accident cases determine the best steps to take.


You want a crane accident lawyer with experience in the field and someone who is well versed in state and national workplace safety laws. During the consultation, you can also ask some questions to get to know his or her experience a little better. Ask how long your crane accident lawyer has been practicing this type of law. How often has he or she settled or gone through litigation? The lawyer should be experienced in dealing with worker's compensation cases and insurance companies and know how to properly settle a case.


It helps to ask some questions specific to your case, as well as how much the typical settlement range could be. You will need to know the fee structure so you can determine if you will be able to afford a lawyer. Many cases can be taken on contingency, which means that if you don’t win then you lawyer doesn’t get anything. However, if you do win then the lawyer will take a percentage.


If the lawyer’s office isn’t convenient for you, you can ask to meet closer to home or at a satellite office nearby. This can be important if you are still recovering from injuries at a rehabilitation facility or the hospital when you decide you need to work with a lawyer.

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