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If you or a loved one has been injured due to an accident involving a ladder, don’t suffer in silence. The Kalra Law Firm, has many years of experience fighting for the rights of construction workers injured on the job, including falls from ladders. Our team of New York ladder accident lawyers can investigate your case and advocate for proper compensation for you and your family.

If you or someone you love has been injured while working on a ladder, reach out to the Kalra Law Firm to discuss your options for compensation. Contact us today at 718-897-2211 to obtain a free consultation.

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ladders on a construction siteAccording to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), 81% of all construction worker fall injuries involve ladders. Construction workers at construction sites in New York are often injured because they used a ladder that is unstable, shaky, or broken.  A large percentage of ladder injuries could have been prevented if proper work conditions, equipment, and safety instructions were provided. Not only are these measures necessary to minimize ladder dangers but they are also OSHA requirements. OSHA’s requirements are based upon the notion that injuries from falls from ladders are preventable. They base their regulations on proper planning, provision of safety equipment, and proper training by general contractors, owners, or foremen.

As a construction worker, you must know that any fall from a ladder can result in devastating back, head, and spinal cord injuries. It can be difficult for you and your family to pay for medical bills and other expenses while you are unable to return to work. New York Law requires that proper ladders be provided to construction workers and that the owner or general contractor should ensure that ladders are not defectively maintained, operated or placed.

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In New York, the State legislature has passed Labor Law that specifically protects construction workers who are injured when these OSHA regulations regarding ladders are violated. The OSHA laws that regulate ladder usage at construction sites are comprehensive and strictly enforced. For example, OSHA mandates that certain types of ladders be used for different types of construction tasks. Therefore, if a construction worker is injured after being given an “A frame ladder” to use where an extension ladder is mandated by OSHA, the building owner and general contractor will be held liable under New York’s Labor Law. They are responsible for his or her pain and suffering and economic losses past present and future.

OSHA in conjunction with the Labor Laws in New York not only mandates that appropriate types of ladders be given to construction workers. They also require that the ladders which are provided to workers are not negligently, maintained, placed, or operated. If a worker is injured because they had to use an old, unsafe, and unstable ladder, that worker is also protected under the law.

Furthermore, because of the numerous and various types of ladders that can be used at construction sites, OSHA mandates that proper training in the use, placement, and set-up to be given. The placement of the ladder must also be scrutinized for the safety of construction workers. The ground must be stable, level, and safe given the type, size, and contours of the ladder. Any finding that there was insufficient training and/or that the ladder was not placed appropriately can result in a determination against the owner or General Contractor that a Labor Law violation existed. This allows any worker who has injured as a result of a legal recourse against the owner or the General Contractor.


If you get hurt on the job, our construction accident lawyers in Queens, New York are ready to help you determine if a general contractor, product manufacturer, property owner, or any other party contributed to your ladder accident. We are here to support you and strive to get you the fair outcome you deserve.

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