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What do I do if I have accident at work and I’m not sure to call an ambulance?

When you have an accident you should immediately call an ambulance.  Sometimes, a supervisor  may tell you not to call anyone and heal at home … this is wrong.  Your company is trying to protect themselves, if you file a case later on.  Having an ambulance pick you up at the job documents the accident location which cannot later be contested.  No matter the circumstances, if you are injured call an ambulance yourself or have a co-worker do it.  Then call the Kalra Law Firm to help you and your family.


What is the main focus area of ​​the firm?

The Kalra Law Firm helps people that are injured from construction accidents, car crashes and fall downs. 


Does your staff speak any other languages than English?

The lawyers and support staff also speak Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi, and Mandarin. 


I can’t afford a lawyer,  what would I have to pay to hire The Kalra Law Firm?

We believe you deserve the best legal services for your construction accident case.  We don’t want your inability to pay to stand in the way in hiring our law firm.  So, we will handle your Personal injury case on a contingency, that means that you pay nothing unless we win your case. We will advance all costs and collect them at the end of the case, so you pay nothing up front to hire us.  If we accept your case, we will work hard to get you the best possible outcome your case deserves.


What should I bring to your office at the first meeting?  Do I need to obtain the records and documentation of my case?

You should take a photograph of the area or the equipment involved in your accident.  Since, a construction site changes quickly, it is important to take the picture immediately after your accident.  Get information such as Name and phone number of any workers in the area who may be a witness to your injury. 


I don’t’ have legal papers or status.  Can I still have a case?

You don’t need to have legal papers or status in order to make a personal injury claim.  We have successfully handled many such cases where our client was injured but didn’t have legal papers or they had not finalized their immigration case. 

I have never sued anyone before.  Will there be someone who will help me and guide me?

We get this a lot.  Most of our clients have never sued anyone and now are dealing with a life changing injury.  We understand that life for them and their family will never be the same.  Our lawyers are patient in explaining what is important to our clients.  We have over twenty years of courtroom experience and we will guide you through the legal system.


When should I hire a law firm for my case?

You should contact a qualified law firm as soon as possible after your injury to protect your rights and take proper action.  In New York State, the time to file a claim can be as short as 90 days to three years.  When you have a construction injury, we encourage you to immediately call the Kalra Law Firm for a free consultation and know your rights.  Call 718-897-2211.


**The above should not be construed as legal advice.  Every case is different and has it’s own circumstances which may change the appropriate advice.  Contact our office for your specific case at 718-897-2211.**

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