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What You Need to Know about Hiring a Construction Lawyer Near Me

For many people, construction and manual labor are their primary sources of income in New York, NY. An injury not only affects them physically but also financially. Construction work does come with its risks so it’s important to know the steps if you are involved in an accident and need to work with a construction injury law firm.


There are four frequently occurring construction site injuries to note, which include electrocutions, falls, getting caught between objects, and being struck by an object. If you experience these or other injuries, you should take action.


Seek Medical Attention: Heavy equipment and hazardous chemicals on a construction site mean that severe injuries can happen. Even if your injuries are minor, you want to get them documented by a medical professional since this can be beneficial to your case.


Report the Accident: In order to get the best possible outcome, you need to inform your immediate supervisor or HR representative of what happened during the accident. Any sustained injuries, even minor ones, need to be recorded. A record of the accident is necessary when you are filing a claim for monetary damages. When you go to hire a construction lawyer near me, you will need proof of this. Monetary damages will come though worker's compensation or a third party but there still needs to be a report of the accident to get the money you deserve for your suffering.


Know Your Rights: As an employee, you have some rights to receive compensation for injuries you sustain in the accident. You shouldn’t sign any settlement before you consult with a construction injury law firm. You can get information about worker's compensation for your injuries from your supervisor.


A machinery accident lawyer can help you get a higher settlement. An employee will usually get a lesser amount if you get a payment stated through worker's compensation instead of a personal injury lawsuit. There are several parties that will need to be held accountable for any accident or injuries, depending on the type of situation. Some examples can be negligent co-workers, an employer that allowed the risky working environment to develop, or a manufacturer whose equipment resulted in an injury or work accident. If an OSHA regulation violation leads to an injury, it is likely that the party deemed at fault and responsible for the injury will be the construction company. This means they are held responsible for all injuries that result from the accident. In order to take legal action against one or more parties, a third-party claim will need to be filed with a machinery accident lawyer. After you have consulted with a lawyer, he or she will guide you on how to file a claim against the third party. This will include filing the claim, help with gathering any necessary evidence, negotiating a settlement, and assistance if the case goes to trial.

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