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Common Injuries That Need a Construction Accident Lawyer

While some construction accidents can seem to be part of the job, no construction site debris injury should be overlooked. If there is negligence on the job then you need to hire the best construction injury lawyer in Queens. Besides just a construction site debris injury, there are common injuries that require the help of a construction accident lawyer.


Fractures and Broken Bones: Fractures can happen when the bone is under stress or there is an impact where an object hits the bone. This can be a common injury but it shouldn’t go unreported. Older workers are at risk for this type of injury. Depending on the impact, the fracture can be open or closed, which describes whether the bone has punctured the skin.


Sprains of Ligaments or Muscles: Sprains are very common but a severe sprain can impact your ability to go to back to work. This is where you would need the best construction injury lawyer in Queens to help you get fair compensation.


Spinal or Neck Injuries: Damage to the neck and spine can come from different scenarios and the severity of the injury can depend on how it happened. You could suffer from full paralysis potentially. Since this type of injury can be common enough to cause paralysis it can also be fatal and a construction accident lawyer is needed to help move your case forward.


Brain or Head Issues: Head injuries can be a common cause of fatalities and disabilities. An impact that injuries the brain can cause swelling of the brain or damage to the skull. Bleeding in the brain can lead to emotional distress or death.


Burns: Burns can be an overlooked injury on a construction site. If any active line touches the metal structure of the building then it can burn workers and cause shock. There are also chemical burns from certain materials that come in contact with the skin. Medical professionals break burns into different categories and the degree of the burn will determine the level of treatment needed.


Hearing Loss or Blindness: Construction sites are loud environments and there may be bright and loud welding equipment that can cause hearing loss or blindness. Both can also happen in the case of a fall, which is more common than you may think. Many people are exposed to some level of hearing loss due to working near or on a construction site. Since the loss likely happens over many years, it can be hard to notice. If you have suffered from accumulated permanent damage due to your construction job then an attorney can also help.


PTSD: This can be a hard issue to quantify but if the issue keeps you from returning to work or has caused other problems in your life then you need to seek damage relief with the help of the best construction injury lawyer in Queens.

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