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Category: Personal Injury

How to Avoid Ladder Injuries

Feb 23, 2021
Watch Your Step: Learn How to Avoid Ladder Injuries By Neil Kalra Among construction workers, an estimated 81 percent of fall injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms involve a ladder,...

Lookout! Is That Inexperienced Delivery Driver in a Poorly Maintained Truck?

Feb 10, 2021
Drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike are all at even greater peril of being hurt in commercial truck struck-by accidents.

Benefits of “Buckling Up” Your Seat Belt

Feb 4, 2021
Seat belts cut the risk of death to drivers and front-seat passengers by 45%.

Surviving a DWI Wreck – Physically, Psychologically and Emotionally

Feb 4, 2021
Every day, almost 30 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes: that’s one death every 50 minutes.

The Five Most Common Truck Accident Causes

Feb 4, 2021
Commercial drivers are not the only ones who are severely injured, or even die in a serious wreck.

Falling Workers

Feb 3, 2021
Elevator accidents seem rare occurrences, they happen more often than we think.

What To Do After A Workplace Accident?

Jan 22, 2021
What to do after a workplace accident? Kalra Law Firm is the place to go if you need a construction injury litigation attorney in New York.

Scaffolding Injuries

Jan 11, 2021
Whether the scaffolding injury happens during scaffolding construction or general work, we can help.
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