• We secured a $2,700,000 settlement for 4 clients who were travelling on a tour bus returning from a Connecticut casino.  They injured their neck, low back and knees.  

  • Our firm represented a passenger who was traveling on a private bus on I-95, to a casino in Connecticut, when it collided with another bus. Our client suffered serious injuries to his neck, low back and knee.   We took a verdict of $2,500,000 which was nearly five times the insurance company's best offer.


  • A client came to us after having his case rejected by two different law firms. He said that if we didn’t accept his case, he was going to give up. We accepted his case, telling him it was a long shot and that we would try our best. We filed a lawsuit and took a case against the largest shopping mall in Queens and possibly the country. Ultimately, our seriously injured client received several million dollars to plan for his future and family. At the time of the settlement, he had returned to work and was making substantially higher wages than when he was injured.


  • We represented a union affiliated construction worker who had fallen from a height in Brooklyn, NY. Although he was very seriously hurt, he was unsure if he wanted to sue. His main concern during our first four hour meeting was “how soon could he return to work?” He refused to accept that though his body had been strong before the fall down, he was not the same person anymore. He asked our firm to accept his case and represent him in court. We fought hard for him and ultimately worked out a settlement with the insurance company that secured his family’s future.

  • We recently represented a department store worker in Manhattan who slipped and fell on a temporary wooden ramp that had been placed by a construction company.  We claimed that our client fell because the ramp was not built to code and it was dangerous when wet.  The general contractor who managed the project also did nothing to fix the ramp.  Our client had injuries to her knees, neck and low back.  The insurance company for both companies agreed to settle before trial for $2,250,000.

  • We took a verdict  $1,800,000 verdict for a 39 year old female who was rear ended in the Douglaston section of Queens, just a few blocks away from her home.  She was returning home after having picked up her young daughter from school.  The insurance company claimed that the impact was minimal and could not have caused the serious injuries to our client's neck and low back.

  • A Missouri resident was staying at a hotel in L.I.C. for a family reunion.  He was an avid runner and one day he was entering the hotel after his run when a hotel van was parked at the front door.  As our client tried to enter the hotel, the van suddenly began to reverse and struck him on his knees knocking him to the ground.  There was a camera pointed to the main entrance that caught this violent incident, but the footage was "mistakenly deleted" by management.  The hotel manager remembered seeing the incident on video and vividly described it in her testimony.  A Queens jury returned a $1,500,000 million dollar verdict compensating our client for his injuries.  The insurance company had many chances to settle the case before verdict, but refused to do so.  At the end, they paid many times more than our demand during settlement talks.  

  • A deli worker from Ozone Park hired us after another vehicle made a left turn in front of his car on Atlantic Avenue.  He suffered injuries to his neck, knee and low back.  When his condition didn't improve he was forced to undergo a Fusion surgery to his low back.  We were able to get a settlement of $1,200,000 for his case.

  • What was expected to be a typical day filled with television and video games, our 22 year old client was asked by his father to go to LaGuardia airport and pickup his cousin.  Excited to see family, he jumped in his father's car and drove off.  He was waiting at a red light inside the airport when a Car Rental passenger bus rear ended his vehicle pushing it into another vehicle.  Eventually, less than a week before trial the insurance company acknowledged that his injuries were serious and agreed to pay about $1,100,000.  Our client was scheduled to take the medical school entrance test at the time of incident and had his studies delayed by a year due to the injuries.  At the conclusion of his case, he was close to finishing a residency program and realize his life long dream of helping others.

  • Our office was hired by a construction worker months after he injured himself while using a grinder.  He was making a frame before pouring concrete at a job site in Brooklyn.  The saw he was using suddenly stopped working.  The foreman went to his van and brought back a grinder and handed it to him.  He complained that the grinder was the wrong tool and it was missing the blade guard.  The foreman told him that he had 20 minutes to finish making the frame because the concrete truck was coming soon.  Our client did his best and the blade kicked back and cut his left hand.  The foreman later claimed that the grinder was defective and dangerous and it belonged to our client.  The foreman stated that he would have never given a grinder to an employee to do this job and definitely not in that condition.  We found a former employee who was there when the incident occurred years ago who said that our client had told the truth and the foreman had provided the grinder.  Within one month of this testimony, the insurance company who had been fighting the case for 5 long years decided to pay close to their full insurance policy of $1,000,000.

  • We were able to get our client a $700,000 settlement who was in his late 50’s when he slipped and fell at a car wash.  He was asked to exit his car near the entrance of the tunnel where the employees would spray vehicles with soap, water and other chemicals.   The car wash denied any responsibility and claimed that they did not use any chemicals or spray any cars outside of the tunnel.  We showed them pictures of their employees “caught in the act”.  The insurance company immediately agreed to settle.

  • We represented a construction worker who was injured while on the job in Manhattan.  He was asked to cut tile when the diamond blade that was on the saw broke.  He notified the foreman and asked for a new blade.  The foreman went to the local hardware store and brought back a flexible carbon blade.  Our client said that the blade was not metal and also it was the wrong size being a larger size.  The foreman told our client to use the saw as is and finish the job.  The saw was also missing a guard.  Within minutes the new blade broke and cut his left hand.  He pulled the saw back also injured his right shoulder.  The insurance company for the general contractor and the owner of the premises fought the case to the end and agreed to settle just before trial for $600,000.



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