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Author: Kalra Law Firm

Insurance For Construction Accidents

Jan 8, 2023
The construction industry uses large machinery that can cause severe accidents. A common accident is an entrapment involving being caught in a machine or a piece of equipment. Other common...

Avoiding Injury While Operating a Forklift

Jan 6, 2023
Forklift accidents can happen for several reasons. For example, the operator can be inattentive when reversing. Inattention can cause workplace pedestrian injury. Another cause of forklift-related injuries is an improperly...

When Should I Hire Kalra Law Firm For My Case?

Oct 21, 2022
At Kalra Law Firm, our NYC personal injury lawyer’s number one priority is client satisfaction and ensuring you receive the justice you rightfully deserve. With years of experience handling construction...

Should I Call An Ambulance If I Have Been Injured On the Job?

Oct 14, 2022
What is the best thing to do when injured at work? Call an ambulance. If the injury isn’t severe enough, injured workers will be advised to go home and recover;...

Making Demolition Work Sites Safer

Jun 19, 2022
Health and Safety must be a priority on all demolition sites in New York. Well-planned demolition projects, many of which involve intricate deconstruction of old buildings, must be the goal....

Scaffolding Injuries Can Be Avoided

Jun 19, 2022
Willie was a construction worker, according to the Center for Construction Research and Training. Sometime last year he fell 20 feet from an unsecured scaffold. He was part of a...

Watch Out and Keep Alert to Avoid Forklift Accidents

Jun 19, 2022
Few are surprised when told that forklifts are dangerous; as many confess they just look hazardous. Approximately 100 workers are fatally injured every year and around 95,000 are injured while...

Hiring A Construction Accident Attorney

May 23, 2022
Do you need experienced legal advice or representation from a qualified construction accident lawyer? Construction law covers a wide range of legal issues, from representing construction workers due to injuries...

Hiring A Construction Accident Attorney in Corona, New York

May 2, 2022
It can be difficult or nearly impossible to think clearly, act quickly, and handle all areas of your accident appropriately in order to receive the care and compensation you deserve. ...

Distracted Driving Kills More Americans Each Day

Apr 3, 2022
Distracted Driving Kills More Americans Each Day: By Neil Kalra Distracted driving is a major cause of many different accidents that seriously injure and kill thousands of Americans every year....
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