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Injured In A Construction Accident?

We can all agree that construction sites are a dangerous place to work. As a responsible construction worker, there is no doubt that you understand the dangers of your workplace. It's why you take extra precautions, observe safety measures, and wear the necessary gear that keeps you safe at all times. Nonetheless, it is the role of your supervisor or company to ensure your are 100%. Meaning that in case you experience an accident, you have the right to justice and compensation. 

Despite doing everything right, you may incur injuries while still on duty. This is where we come in. As excellent personal injury lawyers based in Queens, NY, we have helped countless clients receive the compensation they deserve. We will help you navigate the New York workers' compensation system on your behalf and assist in pursuing any legal claims.


How Would A Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

Often times' clients come to us wishing they had contacted us sooner. Medical expenses can quickly become quite costly, and you do not wish to miss the deadline for filing a claim. We understand how difficult it must be to experience disabling pain, lost wages, and a mountain of bills, all because of an accident that wasn't even your fault. Let us fight for you! We believe that you deserve the time to recover and rightful compensation for your loss. Ease your worry's of the future and let us fight for justice.

At Kalra Law Firm our number one priority is client satisfaction and ensuring you receive the justice you rightfully deserve. With years of experience handling construction accident cases you can rest assured that you are in good hands. 

Insurance companies may rush to give you a settlement offer. However, many times their interests are only meant to benefit your employer, and the settlement many not be nearly enough to account for all your injuries. 

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Kalra Law Firm has recuperated millions of dollars for our clients. The toll of serious injury can be tremendous on you and your loved ones. We have devoted ourselves to fight for justice and to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. Don't believe us? Check us out

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Kalra Law Firm in Forest Hills Queens concentrates in handling construction accident and personal injury cases throughout Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and New York City. Our practice areas include construction injuries such as scaffolding injuries, fall protection, forklift and machinery accidents, site debris and more. It is an unfortunate fact of life that serious injuries occur on construction sites as a result of construction company negligence. When an injury has occurred, it is very important to know and understand your legal rights.


Receiving fair compensation from an insurance company is a complicated process. The law protects and assists those who act on their rights. In order to be treated justly by an insurance company, you must aggressively pursue those rights. The lawyers at Kalra Law Firm will get you the justice and quality representation you deserve. We are on your side. A knowledgeable and experienced construction injury litigation attorney can make all the difference. 

When you are facing physical disability, lost wages, escalating medical expenses, pain and suffering, and the loss of life’s pleasures, we can help. We understand the various difficulties a construction accident and a resulting injury can cause. If you or a loved one is suffering from a construction accident injury, or if you have lost a loved one due to a construction companies negligence, let our knowledge and extensive experience go to work for you. Our construction injury lawyers in Queens New York will make sure you are treated justly, and that you are properly compensated for your injuries. 

Our firms practice areas include construction injury, car and motor vehicle accidents, nursing home negligence, abuse and injuries, lead paint poisoning, slip and fall accidents, HMO liability and other areas.

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